Manage Astigmatism With the Strength of LENSAR, Now With Streamline III

Introducing Streamline III

Streamline® III, the third LENSAR® system upgrade in two years, provides surgeons with the most advanced technology for confidently managing astigmatism and optimizing patient outcomes. LENSAR, the leader in next-generation femtosecond cataract laser technology, has focused on astigmatism with this latest round of enhancements because the overwhelming majority of cataract patients suffer from astigmatism, an often difficult to manage condition that can have a major impact on visual outcomes. Now with Streamline III, surgeons can deliver the outstanding outcomes their astigmatic patients will be happy to see.

NEW Wireless Integration with Pentacam®
  • Pre-op diagnostic data can now be transferred wirelessly from Pentacam to the LENSAR Laser System
  • Wireless integration also available with the Cassini® Corneal Shape Analyzer (USB integration available with Nidek® OPD)
  • Guides more precise astigmatism treatment planning and eliminates potential transcription errors
NEW Postoperative Data Analysis
  • Individualized astigmatism treatment protocols can be refined based on pre-, intra-, and postoperative data
  • Allows surgeons to deliver incrementally better outcomes over time (compared to earlier generations)
NEW Corneal Incision–Only Mode
  • Surgeons can now perform laser corneal incisions independent of capsulotomy and fragmentation
  • Provides flexibility for treating patients who may benefit from post-op arcuate incisions
  • Contributes to overall efficiency with abbreviated scanning that omits lens boundaries
Additional Streamline Features Designed for Intuitive Astigmatism Management
  • Establishes visible steep axis landmarks on the cornea
  • May be used by the surgeon to verify the location of the steep axis relative to toric IOL orientation
Iris Registration and Automatic Cyclorotation Adjustment
  • Automatically confirms image compatibility at point of capture during the pre-op diagnostic exam* and at the laser (e.g., detects poor focus, upper/lower eye lid blocking iris)
  • Provides confidence in corneal incision placement by comparing pre-op image to the images taken at the laser while the eye is docked
  • Not affected by loss of vascular detail due to pharmacological effects
  • Automatically compensates for cyclorotation and eliminates need for corneal ink marking
Arcuate Incision Planning
  • Allows for convenient, one-touch arcuate incision planning based on the surgeon's most current pre-programmed nomogram data
  • Adds a level of precision and eliminates possible transcription errors by using individual patient biometric measurements and other factors defined by the surgeon to automatically determine arcuate incision depth, location, and length
Toric IOL Power Conversions
  • Enhanced toric IOL selector includes manufacturer-defined toric IOL power calculated at the corneal plane
  • Offers surgeons more precision for reducing residual corneal astigmatism treatment planning
Surgically Induced Astigmatism (SIA)
  • Automatically modifies incision parameters to account for SIA and residual astigmatism entries
Intelligent Incisions™
  • Employs localized imaging to monitor the position of the cornea immediately before each incision, to ensure the precise location of each incision
  • Streamline III facilitates creation of incisions that are easier to open, by detecting opaque corneas or obstructed incision placement

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