Manage Astigmatism With the Strength of LENSAR, Now With Streamline IV


Iris registration provides added confidence in corneal incision placement.

Iris Registration
Iris registration identifies landmarks on the iris in a pre-op topography image (left) and then finds the same landmarks on an image taken while the patient is docked at the LENSAR laser (middle). Cyclorotation is then adjusted automatically without the need for manual ink marking (right).

Iris Registration

  • Automatically confirms image compatibility at point of capture during pre-op diagnostic exam* (e.g., detects poor focus, upper/lower eye lid blocking iris)
  • Compares pre-op image to the images taken at the laser while the eye is docked
  • Not affected by loss of vascular detail due to pharmacological effects
  • Automatically compensates for cyclorotation and eliminates need for corneal ink marking

*Available using the Cassini® Corneal Shape Analyzer and Pentacam®.

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