The LENSAR Laser System: The Intelligent Approach to Cataract Surgery

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Efficient Design

The LENSAR® Laser System was designed with your efficiency in mind, so you can seamlessly integrate the system into your existing surgical regimen without increasing procedure time.

Hear Dr. Mitch Jackson discuss how LENSAR has maintained his OR efficiencies
Quick and easy docking
  • Deployable docking head automatically moves the laser a pre-programmable distance from the patient
  • Easy-to-use joystick speeds docking and offers surgical control during final laser-to-patient docking
Automated laser configuration and procedure planning
  • Pre-programmable laser height and laser orientation suit individual surgeon preferences
  • Automated procedure planning expedites time between imaging and treatment
Hear Dr. Keith Liang discuss the benefits of LENSAR’s ergonomic design

Thoughtful ergonomics

  • Smaller laser footprint (6’ X 9.5’) and wheels offer transportability; designed to fit in a standard operating room
  • Deployable laser head can be moved into operative docking position for treatment and retracted post-treatment to allow for integration of the microscope and other surgical equipment necessary to complete the procedure
  • Intuitive graphic interface, 2 treatment monitors, and 1 surgeon monitor allow for simple operation and control of treatment parameters in any laser orientation
  • Efficient design eliminates the need to move the patient by allowing patients to remain on same bed during the laser and surgical procedures

Cataract density imaging

  • Based on the cataract density and surgeon preference, LENSAR will suggest a lenticular fragmentation pattern for optimum efficiency
  • Unique to the LENSAR Laser—no other femtosecond cataract laser offers cataract density imaging, made possible by Augmented Reality's superior imaging capabilities and depth of field advantage

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