Manage Astigmatism With the Strength of LENSAR, Now With Streamline III


LENSAR® employs several features that contribute to precise astigmatism treatment planning and precise laser delivery, so you can make every cataract procedure a masterpiece.

NEW IntelliAxis®
  • Establishes visible steep axis landmarks on the cornea that may be used by the surgeon to verify the location of the steep axis relative to toric IOL orientation
NEW Updated Toric IOL Power Conversions
  • LENSAR with Streamline® III includes an enhanced toric IOL selector with manufacturer-defined toric IOL power calculated at the corneal plane
  • Offers surgeons more precision for residual corneal astigmatism treatment planning
Arcuate incision surgeon tables allow for one-touch incision programming based on the surgeon’s most current pre-programmed data.
Arcuate Incision Planning
  • Allows for convenient, one-touch arcuate incision planning based on the surgeon's most current pre-programmed nomogram data
  • Adds a level of precision and eliminates possible transcription errors by using individual patient biometric measurements and other factors defined by the surgeon to automatically determine incision depth, location, and length
Surgically Induced Astigmatism (SIA)
  • Automatically modifies incision parameters to account for SIA and residual astigmatism entries
Dr. Robert Weinstock talks about the advantages of Intelligent Incisions.
Intelligent Incisions™
  • Employs localized imaging to monitor the position of the cornea immediately before each incision, to ensure the precise location of each incision

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