Finally, a Cataract Laser Designed With You in Mind

Hear Dr. William Soscia discuss why he chose LENSAR for his practice.

The LENSAR® Laser System is the only femtosecond cataract laser built specifically for refractive cataract surgery. Because it was designed from the ground up, every aspect of the laser has been purposefully designed to meet the needs of cataract surgeons. LENSAR also remains committed to advancing the technology in response to changes in these needs, as demonstrated by the third system upgrade in two years, Streamline™ III.

  • Precise Astigmatism Treatment Planning: Multiple generations of innovations to the LENSAR Laser System, including the latest Streamline III enhancements, facilitate more intuitive astigmatism treatment planning with features that include wireless import of Total Corneal Astigmatism,* post-op outcomes optimization, IntelliAxis™ steep axis corneal marking, Iris Registration, and arcuate incision surgeon tables
  • Simplified Procedures: The LENSAR Laser with Streamline III offers a growing list of innovations to simplify your life, now including even more pre-programmable surgeon preferences than previous generations, an optimized graphical user interface, wireless integration with pre-op diagnostic data, cataract density imaging and automatic customized fragmentation patterns, and arcuate incision planning at the laser
  • Efficient Design: A new corneal incision–only mode, expanded remote diagnostics capabilities, additional pre-programmable preferences, thoughtful ergonomics, and up to 20 seconds faster laser treatment times than original Streamline technology allow for seamless integration and maximum surgical efficiency
  • Superior Imaging: The LENSAR Cataract Laser with Augmented Reality™ provides an accurate 3-D reconstruction of the relevant anterior segment, allowing for precise laser delivery and the surgical confidence for accurate corneal incisions (now easier to open with Streamline III), free-floating capsulotomies, and efficient lens fragmentation for all grades
  • Energy Reduction: By combining superior imaging of the anterior segment, precise laser placement, and efficient lenticular fragmentation, the LENSAR Laser allows for a reduction in phaco time and up to 100% reduction in phaco energy1
*Available with the Cassini® Corneal Shape Analyzer.
1. Data on file. LENSAR, Inc.

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