Superior Imaging Using the LENSAR Cataract Laser With Augmented Reality

The LENSAR® Laser System’s superior imaging system collects an unprecedented spectrum of biometric data (up to 2 times faster with Streamline®) and then reconstructs an accurate 3-D model of the true anatomy of each individual patient’s eye using LENSAR's proprietary Cataract Laser with Augmented Reality™ technology. Because you’ll see exactly where the relevant anatomy is in the eye for all grades of white or brunescent cataracts, laser pulses can be precisely placed, so you can be confident in your treatment design and execution.

Key features of LENSAR’s imaging system
  • Rotating camera takes captures of 2 different angles at up to 8 different positions around the optical axis for a total of 16 images
  • Augmented Reality uses the biometric data and optical ray-tracing technology to create a precise 3-D model of each individual patient’s eye
  • Variable-rate scanning ensures a high-definition capture that shows all ocular structures within the anterior segment in detail
  • Scan adjustments detect extremely bright cataracts, irregular chamber depths, and pupil, so the system can make necessary adjustments during scanning to allow for successful image capture of these rare anatomies
  • Auto-surface detection identifies the anterior and posterior surfaces for both the cornea and lens capsule
  • Accurate, high resolution image accurately measures and provides clear visualization of the lens anatomy for all densities of nuclei
  • With Streamline, LENSAR is the only femtosecond cataract laser that automatically categorizes cataract density, on a scale from 1 to 5
  • Using biometric data measured in the x-, y-, and z-axes, lens tilt detection and compensation detects and compensates for even the smallest degree of lens tilt

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