Changing the Paradigm in FLACS

Next Generation Femtosecond Laser is
Changing the Future of Premium Cataract Surgery

Cathleen McCabe, MD presenting at ESCRS 2022 in Milan, Italy

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ALLY® Adaptive Cataract Treatment System

ALLY is the first FDA-cleared platform to enable cataract surgeons to complete the FLACS procedure seamlessly in a single, sterile environment. This next-gen, dual-pulse femtosecond laser increases efficiencies and drives the outcomes that premium patients expect. Request more information.


  • Reduced Procedure Times: treat more patients with a significantly faster FLACS procedure and a system that seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow.
  • Superior Surgical Workflow: designed to fit in any OR or surgery suite with a reduced footprint that improves transitions, mobility, and simplifies workflow.
  • Practice Growth: streamline your workflow to fully utilize surgical space and maximize patient throughput without compromising safety or outcomes.


  • Precision & Optimization: precise, reproductible, automatic capsulorhexis and one-touch incision planning combined with Augmented Reality™ and Cataract Density Imaging, drives an optimal laser treatment for greater confidence and potentially faster visual recovery for patients.
  • Superior Astigmatism Management: ALLY’s Streamline® IV technology consistently guides astigmatic outcomes within 0.50 D of intended target.¹⁻⁵
  • Better Experience: engineered to improve surgeon, staff, and patient experience with a seamless workflow, faster treatments, and outcomes premium patients expect.

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next-gen, dual-pulse femto.
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