Manage Astigmatism With the Strength of LENSAR, Now With Streamline IV


The LENSAR® Laser System with Streamline® IV was designed with your efficiency in mind, built with thoughtful features that allow for seamless integration into your existing workflow without increasing procedure time. And with up to 2 times faster scanning and efficient laser energy delivery with Streamline, LENSAR can reduce laser treatment times by up to 20 seconds.

Cataract density imaging and automatic fragmentation patterns enable pre-programmed, surgeon-customized fragmentation patterns based on the density of the cataract.
Automatic Customized Fragmentation Patterns
  • Software automatically selects a pre-programmed surgeon-customized fragmentation pattern and energy setting based upon results of automatic cataract density imaging (categories 1-5), which adds to procedural efficiency and saves time between imaging and treatment
Wireless Integration with Pre-Op Diagnostic Data
  • Wireless transfer of pre-op diagnostic data from Pentacam® or the Cassini® Corneal Shape Analyzer to the LENSAR Laser System saves time and eliminates potential transcription errors
  • USB integration available with Nidek® OPD-Scan III and Topcon Aladdin
For Dr. Mitchell Jackson, LENSAR’s design offered exactly what he needed to keep his workflow running smoothly.
Small Footprint & Flexibility
  • LENSAR has a small laser footprint (6’ X 9.5’), which improves patient flow and staff utilization
  • Designed to fit in a standard operating room
  • Wheels offer transportability
  • Deployable laser head can be moved into operative docking position for treatment and retracted post-treatment to allow for integration of the microscope and other surgical equipment necessary to complete the procedure
  • Intuitive graphic interface, 2 operators monitors, and 1 surgeon monitor allow for simple operation and control of treatment parameters in any laser orientation
  • No-fixed bed design eliminates the need to move the patient by allowing patients to remain on same bed during the laser and surgical procedures

Laser Mobility

  • LENSAR's superior technology is now available in a mobile surgical service thanks to the professional capabilities of Precision Eye Services

Quick and Easy Docking

  • Deployable docking head automatically moves the laser a pre-programmable distance from the patient
  • Easy-to-use joystick speeds docking and offers surgical control during final laser-to-patient docking

Automated Laser Configuration and Procedure Planning

  • Pre-programmable laser height and laser orientation suit individual surgeon preferences
  • Automated procedure planning expedites time between imaging and treatment

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