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Pockets and Flaps for Presbyopia Corneal Inlays

The LENSAR® Laser System can now create a variety of precise corneal lamellar incisions for presbyopia corneal inlays.

Nearly 100% customizable incisions
  • Surgeons have a wide range of flexibility to customize incision parameters, including the depth, width, shape, and side angle, based on the selected inlay and surgeon preference
Precise laser treatment
  • New curved applanation interface ensures an accurate corneal reference surface for precise laser treatment
Precise incision centration
  • System software computes and positions the lamellar incision pattern generated in a precise location in the 3-D reconstructed corneal model
  • Precise centration is critical as just 0.5 mm of decentration can significantly reduce visual quality1-3

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2. Seyeddain O, Hohensinn M, Riha W, et al. Small-aperture corneal inlay for the correction of presbyopia: 3-year follow-up. J Cataract Refract Surg. 2012;38(1):35-45.
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