Flexible Procedure Planning

The LENSAR® Laser System was designed with your efficiency in mind, so you can seamlessly integrate the system into your existing surgical regimen without increasing procedure time. This is achieved through a series of automated features and thoughtful ergonomics.

Software-generated procedure plans

To help save valuable time, LENSAR’s software creates an automated procedure plan using patient-specific biometry combined with surgeon-selectable preferences:

  • Preferred incision site
  • IOL to be implanted
  • Lens tilt
  • Nuclear density
  • Preferred fragmentation patterns
Customizable surgeon preferences

Surgeon preferences can be adjusted as needed for unparalleled control. Additionally, the surgeon has the option to center the anterior capsulorhexis over the optical axis of the crystalline lens or over the pupil center in an attempt to maximize effective lens positioning (ELP) — another unique LENSAR feature. Since most of the parameters are pre-loaded into the software based on your surgical preferences, treatment can begin soon after imaging, with very little additional input required.

Automated laser configuration

To save additional time, the LENSAR Laser can also be pre-programmed for:

  • Laser height
  • Surgeon-to-patient orientation (either temporal or superior)

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