ALLY: Adaptive Cataract Treatment System

The ALLY™ Adaptive Cataract Treatment System will be the first platform to combine world class imaging and next generation dual-pulse femtosecond laser and Swiss-engineered phacoemulsification technology in a single system. ALLY will change the future of cataract surgery.


Designed to change the paradigm in cataract surgery
By combining the state-of-the-art features evolved from the LENSAR® Laser System and the Oertli Phaco System in a single unit, ALLY will provide:

  • Ability to perform a complete sterile FLACS procedure
  • A superior surgical workflow for a better surgeon and patient experience
  • Significantly reduced cataract surgery times
  • Potentially reduced energy delivered to the eye

Increased efficiencies
ALLY was engineered to fit in any OR or in-office surgery suite with a small footprint and no compromise on technology. Further, the seamless transition from femto to phaco performed in a sterile environment will enable the phaco to be pre-primed and the patient to be prepped prior to the procedure.

Adaptive procedure
ALLY was designed to leverage best-in-class imaging to optimize all aspects of cataract surgery for a truly adaptive procedure.

  • Precise corneal incisions
  • Automated capsulorhexis centration
  • Tissue-specific femtosecond laser treatment
  • Astigmatic management
  • Phacoemulsification

Optimization from start to finish
Using Adaptive Intelligence™, ALLY will optimize the femtosecond laser and phacoemulsification treatments, with the goal of reducing overall energy delivered in the eye.

  • Cataract Density Imaging, currently available in the LENSAR Laser System, will automatically categorize cataract density and identify the nucleus location and lens layers. This will enable a tissue-specific treatment, customized fragmentation patterns, and energy settings according to surgeon-preferences.

Complex fragmentation patterns and incisions created at up to twice the speed of prior LENSAR Laser technology

Superior astigmatic management
When available, ALLY will provide surgeons with the same uniquely adaptive technology as the LENSAR Laser System to guide confident astigmatism management with unsurpassed precision for toric IOLs and arcuate incisions.

  • Wireless transfer of pre-op diagnostic data from multiple devices
  • Iris registration
  • IntelliAxis Refractive Capsulorhexis®
  • Arcuate incision planning
  • Compensation for surgically induced astigmatism

Prioritize your access to ALLY for first-in-market use
If you are interested in a combined femto and phaco device designed to provide superior surgical workflow, significantly reduce cataract surgery times, and potentially reduce the energy delivered to the eye, please fill out the form below.