Efficiency That Saves More Than Your Patients’ Vision

The combined efficiencies of the ALLY System can have striking implications for your practice.

Save up to

8 minutes

per case

compared to other femto
cataract systems1,2

Surgeons performed

15% more

FLACS procedures*

when switching to
ALLY Laser System

Efficiencies at every step reduce procedure time

  • Wireless integration with pre-op diagnostic data
  • Iris registration replaces the need for manual preoperative ink marking
  • Automated configuration and procedure planning
  • Quick and easy docking
  • Automatic customized fragmentation patterns

World’s first and only dual-pulse laser enables incisions with exceptional accuracy and speed

ALLY’s dual-pulse femtosecond laser optimizes cutting efficiency based on the tissue being targeted.

ALLY saves 8 minutes versus other FLACS systems with manual marking1

Time and Motion Study Conducted at Specialty Surgical Center of Beverly Hills

Sterile FLACS saves time and overhead

ALLY’s small footprint allows for sterile procedures in a single OR, eliminating the need for a dedicated laser room. A seamless transition between femto and phaco enhances surgical efficiency and reduces procedure time.

ALLY’s powerful imaging quickly and accurately identifies the lens layers (nucleus, epinucleus, cortex) and automatically categorizes cataract density.

The fragmentation pattern assigned by the laser represents the most efficient method for lens extraction irrespective of nuclear density.3

Custom fragmentation patterns optimize time and energy

Powered by ALLY’s proprietary Scheimpflug imaging sysem, automatic cataract density imaging identifies morphology and density of cataracts to plan the best possible fragmentation pattern and optimize energy use and time.

Up to 27% reduction

in mean phaco time

compared to manual cataract surgery (1.73 sec vs 2.38 sec)4,5

10.4% reduction

in mean CDE

Customized laser fragmentation vs. standard phacoemulsification6

*1H 2023 procedure sales as compared to 1H 2022 procedure sales from LENSAR Laser System users who have added or replaced their laser system with an ALLY System.
†Based on surgeon preference.


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