Experience the Future of Cataract Surgery

The ALLY® Adaptive Cataract Treatment System empowers you to provide premium cataract experiences with optimal treatment outcomes and efficiencies to more patients, enabling you to seize new opportunities and help your practice thrive.

Save More With ALLY’s Efficiencies

The efficiencies of the ALLY System make it possible to save time and overhead and perform more procedures, all while reducing energy delivered to the eye.

Save up to

8 minutes

per case

compared to other femto
cataract systems1,2

Up to

27% reduction

in mean phaco time

compared to manual cataract surgery
(1.73 sec vs 2.38 sec)3,4

Surgeons performed

15% more

FLACS procedures*

after switching to the
ALLY Laser System

Explore ALLY’s Systemwide Efficiencies

Deliver Premium Outcomes

ALLY’s proprietary technology delivers a new level of precision and accuracy that makes it possible to provide premium outcomes for premium cases, including low- and high-level astigmatism management.

Up to


within 0.50 D

for patients treated with a toric
IOL guided by IntelliAxis®5-8

Up to


within 0.50 D

for patients treated with
arcuate incisions9,10

Discover the Precision and Accuracy of the ALLY System

Experience Adaptability Like Never Before

Adaptive Intelligence™ guides and optimizes every step of cataract surgery for faster procedures, unsurpassed precision, and the ultimate FLACS experience.
  • System adapts to any space and surgical environment
  • Iris registration adjusts for cyclorotation
  • Customzed fragmentation patterns based on density categorization
Learn About the Benefits of ALLY’s Adaptability

Provide the Premium Experience That Patients Expect

ALLY allows you to deliver a premium cataract experience to as many patients as possible.
  • 1 room sterile procedure simplifies the patient experience
  • 51 minute patient time savings in feeder model (ALLY vs. LenSx)1
  • Significantly lower endothelial cell loss at 6 months11
  • LASIK-like outcomes5-10
Find Out How ALLY Delivers a Next-Level Experience

*1H 2023 procedure sales as compared to 1H 2022 procedure sales from LENSAR Laser System users who have added or replaced their laser system with an ALLY System.


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Discover how ALLY can support your practice.

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