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For premium patients, FLACS with ALLY's Streamline® technology guides confident astigmatism management with unsurpassed precision for toric IOLs and arcuate incisions, helping surgeons deliver superior astigmatic outcomes.1
AcrySof Toric2
• 98% of eyes with toric IOL treatment were ≤0.50 D
Symfony Toric3
• 94% of eyes that received an EDOF toric IOL were ≤0.50 D 
post-op and MRSE was 
-0.14 ± 0.44 D (N=115)
• 95% of eyes with toric IOL treatment were ≤0.50 D
• 81% of eyes had no residual astigmatism
Arcuate Incisions Results5
• 95.8% of eyes were ≤0.50 D
• 80.1% of eyes were ≤0.25 D
• 90.5% of eyes had astigmatism angle of error ≤15°

Iris registration with cyclorotation adjustment increases laser precision 

ALLY’s proprietary technology delivers a new level of precision and accuracy to improve astigmatic management.

  • Replaces less precise preoperative manual corneal ink markings*
  • Automatic, software controlled cyclorotation adjustment
  • Not affected by loss of vascular detail due to pharmacologic effects

IntelliAxis Refractive Capsulorhexis® guides unsurpassed toric IOL alignment

Guided by ALLY’s powerful imaging technology and iris registration, IntelliAxis Refractive Capsulorhexis incorporates small tabs on the capsular rim to clearly identify the intended axis both intra- and postoperatively.

Precise incisions guide superior low-level astigmatism management

Optimized arcuate incision planning
ALLY offers convenient, one-touch arcuate incision planning based on the surgeon's most current pre-programmed nomogram data.

Smart corneal incisions
To further precision, ALLY monitors the position of the cornea before each cut to ensure the precise location and depth of every incision (paracentesis, entrance, and arcuate).

Surgically induced astigmatism (SIA)
The ALLY System automatically modifies incision parameters to account for SIA and residual astigmatism entries.

Customizable capsulorhexis
improves ELP

For better effective lens positioning (ELP), which is critical for premium IOL outcomes, ALLY allows surgeons to customize the size, shape, and position of the capsulorhexis to optimize for the IOL being used.

Enabling 100% round, free-floating capsulotomies6,7

Further, FLACS with LENSAR’s lasers significantly improves the accuracy and repeatability of capsulotomy construction and the predictability and stability of postoperative refraction. 

Reduced phaco time and energy improves recovery

LENSAR’s laser systems provide optimization of laser phacofragmentation patterns that reduces both endothelial cell loss and inflammation,  enhancing rapid visual recovery.8

*Based on surgeon preference


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